Thank you to those that supported our Thunderclap campaign last month.

It was a great success and with the support, 375,334 more people were made aware of Dawlish Beach.

Below is a list of all of the supporters.

If you are on the list below, please click here and then click the button you supported us with. Either Facebook or Twitter.

Once you’ve clicked the social media button just drop us a message to let us know here and we’ll setup your free month.

Thank you again.

NameNetworkNetwork Size
Adrian Boydfacebook61
Alan Allcockfacebook322
Alan Whitmorefacebook47
Alexander Cookfacebook288
Amy Martinfacebook470
Andrew Campbellfacebook141
Andrew Johnsonfacebook132
Andy Mcfc Simsfacebook191
Angelina Farrantfacebook109
Angelina Farranttwitter63
Anna Bakerfacebook136
Barbara Coxheadfacebook73
big frytwitter0
Bob Godwinfacebook287
Bradley Carterfacebook240
Brian Lidburyfacebook57
Carol Hardistyfacebook53
Carole Travisfacebook321
Charity Lambiefacebook226
Chay Pellfacebook3099
Chris Burrough Mbefacebook293
Chris Martinfacebook350
Chris Tian Lubyfacebook560
Christina Harrisfacebook208
Christine Cremorefacebook197
Christine Hughesfacebook147
Cliff Brownfacebook19
Clive Taylorfacebook148
Cynthia Dashfacebook41
Dan Bicklefacebook818
Darren Rackleyfacebook105
Darren Sanfordfacebook122
Dave Audinfacebook173
Dave Bainesfacebook648
Dave Binderfacebook7
Dave Brownfacebook20
Dave Bulleyfacebook272
Dave Cliffefacebook71
Dave Hewingsfacebook247
Dave Smithfacebook86
Dave Taylorfacebook87
David Fabrayfacebook109
David Healyfacebook150
Dawlish Beachtwitter924
Dawlish Beachtumblr1
Deb Leightonfacebook359
Debra Richardsfacebook268
Demelza Peyton-Jonesfacebook389
Dereck Wattsfacebook54
Gerald Howellfacebook102
Glenn Groombridgefacebook143
Glenn Juryfacebook499
Gordon Chardfacebook249
Graham Harveytwitter54
Graham John Kohlfacebook255
Graham Laversfacebook63
Graham Taplinfacebook25
Hans Ooykaasfacebook2
Jack Moorefacebook341
Jack Mooretwitter7
Jackie Cornishfacebook196
Jacquie Bakerfacebook119
Janice Ayrefacebook87
Jason Kellyfacebook64
Jay Hickmanfacebook739
Jenny Putnamfacebook242
Jim Putnamfacebook238
John Bulleyfacebook417
John Cullenfacebook75
John Hayesfacebook111
John Iain Dunnfacebook39
John Nelsonfacebook108
Jon Ashtonfacebook55
Julie ‘Garbett’ Knightfacebook267
Karen Vaughanfacebook3440
Keith Birdfacebook37
Keith Robert Mawsonfacebook81
Kelly Normanfacebook1168
Ken Wigmorefacebook86
Kenneth Ronald Wheelerfacebook172
Kerrie Blakefacebook706
Kevin Ankersfacebook244
Kevin Fralleyfacebook15
Laura McGibberzfacebook884
Lesley Farrinfacebook0
Lewis Priddentwitter166
Linda Millsfacebook176
Lisa Taylorfacebook315
Liz Lockwoodfacebook77
Llandeilo Junctiontwitter563
Lucy Victoria Birdfacebook1206
Mark Garnerfacebook510
Martin Mastersonfacebook173
Martin Upthehammers Dalefacebook971
Matthew Millertwitter158
Meg Salterfacebook146
Michael Broadfacebook74
michael prestontwitter60
Michael Stantonfacebook5
Michele Galluccifacebook345
Michelle McDonaldfacebook259
Michelle Pearcefacebook370
Mike Hodderfacebook47
Mike Streetfacebook51
Neil Salterfacebook1297
Pat Stevensfacebook329
Paul Sedgemanfacebook15
Pete Johnsonfacebook236
Peter Stonebridgetwitter38
Phil Tonguefacebook198
Richard Whartonfacebook76
Rita Brownfacebook46
Rob Sufc Taylorfacebook155
Robert Brailsfordfacebook140
Robert Haileyfacebook154
Robert Lambertfacebook178
Robin Listerfacebook13
Roger Woolleyfacebook113
Rose Mabbettfacebook59
Rose Stanbridgefacebook114
Ruth Lampkin-Piersonfacebook659
Ruth Perkinsfacebook96
Samantha Ayresfacebook204
Scott Wallfacebook84
Shiirley lawrencetwitter6
Shirley Joachimfacebook0
Simon Deanefacebook149
Steve Barberyfacebook275
Steve Newtonfacebook128
Steve Robertsonfacebook105
Steve Wtwitter442
Sue Thompsonfacebook278
Terry (Teresa)twitter192
Tracy Smithfacebook130
Trent Crowleytwitter1164
Vince Eveleighfacebook41
william leggetwitter0