What a pity the weather wasn’t better. The day started off brightly enough but soon deteriorated into drizzle and then persistent rain. Highlight of the day was the return of the two DRS locos 66302 and 66431 with the nuclear flask that they had taken down to Devonport a fortnight ago. Earlier in the morning Colas 66847 passed on its way back to Westbury with 10 autoballast wagons. Interestingly when it went down to Plymouth at 1am it was dropping ballast as it passed along the Dawlish sea wall. Next up was Colas 70808 with the empty cement tank wagons two hours early followed in the afternoon by Colas 70803 and 70812 running light engine to Westbury. The former was the loco that had the accident whilst on a permanent way job last year and has at last been repaired at Laira depot. 70812 is the latest acquisition by Colas and the pair of them have been on test and driver training in Cornwall. I can confirm that the windscreen wipers on 70812 work fine!!! Last but not least today was DB Cargo 66120 on the weekly China Clay train. A good day for rail enthusiasts but not much fun for wall walkers.

The pink building on the street corner is the lovely Blenheim Guest House and the very sharp eyed