We have been working very hard over the last 6 months to bring a new advertising system in to Dawlish Beach.

We are looking at promoting local and relevant businesses toDawlish Beach and intend to offer some of our future cameras for free through this website and a new website that will include cameras outside of Dawlish.

We will be testing the new system onthe Blenheim camera through May 2017 and hope to install new cameras later this year.

The free cameras won’t include any extras that the subscribers enjoy such as the train tracker, chat, dual cam, quad cam or rewind facility and an advert will be delivered at the start of the video and every 15 minutes through the live stream.

Our original San Remo Camera will remain subscription only.

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If you have a business that is local or relevant to Dawlish beach and are interested in advertising, please visit AdServe,

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