Unfortunately the weather wasn’t at its bestwhen the second part of Thursday’s clay train passed along the sea wall this morning. It then deteriorated even more when the rail train appeared. The second portion of the clay train on Thursday night had been delayed at St. Blazey whena fatal accident of a trespasser on the railway was discovered late in the evening. Today it certainly announced its arrival at Teignmouth station loud and clear. The sharp eyed among you may see some greenery towards the rear of the rail train as it passed through Teignmouth station. Maybe the overnight works had been on a branch line!

Locomotives concerned were both DB Cargo, the clay 66025 and the rail 66056, both still in the old EWS livery.

Teignmouth video’s by Nick Campbell and Dawlish Beach Blenheim camera for the Marine Parade shots. Apologies for the spiders web remnants and the raindrops. For myself there wasn’t any space at the end of the platform for me with a gaggle of snappers already sheltering from the rain there but at least nobody was in the way as I followed the train round.



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