At 11.38 last night the skies were lit up over our Blenheim cam with our best catch to date of a Fireball or Meteor whichever name you choose. After talking to our friends from the UK monitoring site the fireball was reported by over 50 members of the public. This particular type is known as a Bolide fireball which means that it is brighter than the moon. The team are still collating information on this particular event but they do have some other footage and the trajectory they believe the fireball took. Our footage does disagree with the information though as it would have appeared from left to right from their suggestion. Normally they try to triangulate the positions from a minimum of three stations and so our footage has been of great use. Please have a look at their write up at

If you are interested in reporting incidents or even hosting a camera to track these events, the team would love to hear from you. Of course, if you are watching on Dawlish Beach and spot anything then please do report it to us so we can share the footage. Our thanks go to Steve and Angie for getting in touch as although i was watching last night i somehow missed this.

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