Colas 70817 made it’s first trip along the Dawlish sea wall yesterday bringing down the loaded cement tanks from the Aberthaw plant  to their destination of the Lafarge depot at Moorswater in Cornwall. Today it returned with the 24 empty PCA tank wagons on their return to South Wales. Following on 3 hours later was newly re-liveried DB Cargo 66020 in its dazzling red paintwork seen here a little further towards Exeter at Cockwood Harbour with the first portion off this week’s clay from St. Blazey to the Midlands.

In the video which follows below it can be seen on its way back to St. Blazey to collect the remainder of the load which it will reunite with the first portion at Exeter before proceeding to the Midlands through the night. Following the clay train was the Paignton to Exmouth DMU service which today was formed of 2 coach 150246 linked with a 153 single coach in matching the new GWR green livery which also appears on the video. Thanks to Nick Campbell for his contributions to the video taken at Teignmouth.



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