Today’s Torbay Express saw what we believe to be the first visit ofSR Merchant Navy Class 8P 4-6-2 no 35028 Clan Line. Leaving Bristol temple Meads at 8.00 am this morning she made good time for the water stop at Taunton and arrived 16 minutes early. However, she was delayed at Exeter St Davids and left for Kingswear 33 minutes late and eventually arrived at 1.00 pm.

The return left on time but passed us at Dawlish around 5 minutes late. Unusually we were a little short handed today without Colin or Neil available for the morning pass. Colin did make it back for the evening pass and we even managed a live broadcast tonight from Taunton for the water stop.

Today’s video features footage from our 3 static cameras and from Nick who has kindly provided footage from the Teignmouth viewpoint.

First of today’s views was from our Mount Pleasant camera as the Torbay Express passed through Dawlish Warren.

Next saw and heard Clanline pass San Remo with a blast on her whistle.

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Followed by the Blenheim view.

Colin made it back just in time to get his camera to the wall for some stills.

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The last of Colin’s stills as Clanline heads towards the Warren.

Lastly for the stills with a shot taken at Taunton while Clanline took on water. The full footage can be seen on our Facebook page and we nearly got lost in a cloud of steam!

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