Most of the GWR HST Power cars are still in the blue livery, with a few now in the new green corporate livery for the company, but I believe there are seven currently in service that have individual vinyl celebration designs. The latest of these being 43093 which features the profile “noses” of eight great legends of GWR locomotives. †A King and a Hall steam loco’s, then on to diesel with a Class 42 Warship, a Class 52 Western, a Class 50,a Class 43 HST, a Class 180 Adelante and finally a Class 800 Hitachi IET.

In retro livery from when the HST was first introduced and named after the man in charge of the design team Sir Kenneth Grange number 43002.

The Inter City swallow livery revisited with 43185 now named Great Western.

43027 in celebration of Queen Elizabeth’s 90th Birthday.

43172 with the First World War remembrance anthem named after Harry Patch the last surviving “Tommy” that fought in the trenches.


43144 “Building a Greater West”. Well let’s hope it works!

43163 advertising Plymouth

One I’m not sure of and waiting to be shot down! † 43126 was the last of the four HST’s that had these vinyls to keep them and may or may not still have them.