Good evening. Here are your Dawlish weather and tide times for the weekend.

A mostly cloudy day with slight chance of a heavy shower or two throughout. Sunny small sunny spells.

Winds: WNW 12-16mph
Temp: 16C
Sunrise/sunset: 07:23/18:40

Tide times:
Low 01:45 – -0.15m
High 07:54 – 4.08m
Low 14:01 – -0.09m
High 20:10 – 4.18m

A bit brighter than yesterday, still rather cloudy with sunny intervals.

Winds: WNW 4-7mph
Temp: 15C
Sunrise/sunset: 07:24/18:38

Tide times:
Low 02:22 – -0.19m
High 08:31 – 4.12m
Low 14:39 – 4.14m
High 20:49 – 4.14m

Michelle McDonald – DB Michelle

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