Today started with a swim at 7am followed by a Full English at 8am to get me through the day.

My first visit was to Salty Cottage at 9am to change a few cables over and then test the broadband speed. As it’s running much faster now, I’ve upped the bit-rate of the camera to 5Mbps now and the picture quality is even better than before

Here’s a few photos from Salty Cottage today.

At 10am I headed over to the Blenheim as we had a window of opportunity to get on to the balcony and re-house Boris the spider who has been living under the camera cover for months. My last attempt at re-homing him was a huge failure as he was back on the lens within days laughing at me. Today however I had to get on to the balcony railings and remove the cover to set him free. I then covered the camera in spider deterrent and then cleaned the lens. Boris has a new home and we have a clean, spider free lens.

At 11am I headed to our very own Colin Campbell’s for a cup of coffee and a chat.

At midday I headed down to the beach to watch our new 4k drone in action. This first part of this clip is of it in follow mode where you can select an object and the drone will follow it along. Today I was the object.

After lunch I then went to San Remo Cam to clean the lens and make a new cable that had broken.

It’s now 9pm and I’m off to bed. Night all.