Good evening. Here are your Dawlish weather and tide times for the weekend.

A cloudy day with a chance of a light shower or two. Not as cold as the previous few days.

Winds: NW 4-9mph
Temp: 8C
Sunrise/sunset: 07:54/16:12

Tide times:
High 04:53 – 4.5m
Low 10:46 – 1.0m
High 17:18 – 4.7m
Low 23:15 – 0.8m

A lightly cloudy day with some sunny spells during the afternoon. Feeling much milder.

Winds: NW 10-14mph
Temp: 10C
Sunrise/sunset: 07:55/16:12

Tide times:
Low 05:47 – 4.8m
High 11:43 – 0.8m
Low 18:12 – 4.8m

Michelle McDonald – DB Michelle