Quite a busy morning on the railway, a shame the weather was so dull and miserable for the photographs and videos. First seen were the two returning autoballaster trains, the first with Freightliner 66569 and the second with Freightliner 66511 & 66562 top and tailing their 5 autoballast wagons either side of the first Plymouth -Paddington HST express which had 43165 “Prince Michael of Kent” leading with GWR green livery 43194 on the rear.

A close call again for Nick at Teignmouth when the Penzance Class 150 DMU nearly blocked his pictures and video of the second autoballaster train.

Last Friday evening had seen another embarrassing failure of the Night Riviera sleeper service from Penzance to London which was replaced by a standard HST train. GWR 57604 “Pendennis Castle was sent down with 57605 on Friday nights  sleeper to return the errant loco (57602 “Restormal Castle”) and train which had to be back in London today to be available for the down Night Riviera tonight!

Seen here entering the gloom of Teignmouth station

And here passing under the Coastguards Cottages footbridge at the eastern end of Dawlish station

The video below includes the Blenheim camera’s view of the sleeper passing through. Note the graffiti that has appeared on the rearmost coach of the sleeper set. Some moron must think he is another Banksy. How sad.