The Beast from the East has now arrived in the Country but just what could that mean for South Devon and in particular Dawlish?
Well it’s time for an update and while at present it’s impossible to say for certain what will happen the consensus is that we are due to have extremely high winds up to 60 mph from an Easterly direction. It is highly likely to be accompanied by snow at times and freezing rain at others which will make roads and pavements extremely difficult going. There is also talk of possible thunderstorms and thundersnow! I’ve only experienced that phenomenon once in my life and it is spectacular.
So.. the all important times? when will it hit and when will the most severe conditions be on our cameras?

Wednesday – temperatures are between 1 deg and -4 degrees. The wind will make it feel a lot colder! Winds are between 40 and 62 mph Easterly and coming straight at our San Remo camera. Best viewing times will be around 3.30pm until 7.30pm with High tide at 1728. The water level is around one metre higher than on Sunday’s broadcast so we expected far more effect. There may also be some light snow during the morning.

Thursday – Now this really could be a day to watch! It’s impossible to be sure but with a storm front moving up from Portugal and colliding with the Easterly cold we could infact see the snow or freezing rain for the entire day. The temperatures will remain around freezing all day but again with the strong wind it will feel much colder. The winds are still Easterly and are expected to be between 58 – 64 mph constantly for the entire day! High tides are again higher water levels and will peak at 0550 and 1825. Expected disruption and the best viewing conditions for two hours either side of these times.

Friday – The early morning will still see these strong Easterly wind and so the warning is around the morning High tide at 0644. This will possibly cause more disruption but after lunchtime the winds will begin to reduce back to normal.

We strongly suggest that you keep up to date with the local picture via Michelle’s weather group UK SW Storm Chasers as well as ourselves via Facebook and Twitter. If we hear anything from Crosscountry, GWR or local authorities we will pass it on via these platforms.