Another look at yesterday’s first test run photographed by Nick Campbell at Teignmouth station. The title picture shows the Legends vinyl depicting the evolution of GWR motive power. Starting at the rear with steam is a King class followed by a Hall. Then Diesel Hydraulics Warship class 42 and Western class 52. Next along the Diesel electric Class 50 and then onto the HST, the Adelante Class 180 and finally the new IET 800

The final picture shows the rear power car 43016 as the train rounds the bend under the three bridges and onto the Teignmouth sea wall. The part of the platform on the right is now disused beyond the first bridge and is reverting to nature. Back in the days of steam it was not unusual to have 15 coach holiday expresses which needed the extra length but now only 9 coaches is the norm. The 3rd bridge is normally only seen in the background of a photograph taken from the sea wall and is featured in many railway books. It is remarkable that the bridge was ever built, obviously at great expense when it only leads to a cliff path. Perhaps some local historian will be able to throw some light on it.

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