Tuesday evening produced an autoballaster train topped and tailed by Freightliner locos 66587 and 66590 en route from Westbury to drop its load at various points on the Newquay branch from Par. The empty train was due back through Dawlish mid morning but due to it setting off 7 hot axle box lineside recorders on Dainton bank the train was put into the Hackney Yard at Newton Abbot and has not yet reeappeared. Noel Downie had photographed it at South Brent when all was well and sent in these next to photographs.

Meanwhile I was on the Dawlish sea wall awaiting its arrival and videoed the weekly cement train when Colas 70817 hurtled past and I had to hang on to my tripod with the wind turbulance.  In the opposite direction came a Cross Country Super Voyager on the Paignton to Manchester service. Nick Campbell was on the river beach near Shaldon Bridge in Teignmouth to record the Inter City Swallow livery of HST 43185 named Great Western and the cement train that followed it. Back on the sea wall I recorded a Paddington bound HST which had power car 43097 named “Environment Agency” on the rear whilst I waited in vain for the appearance of the autoballaster train! Scroll down the page for the video.

Whilst Nick was on Teignmouth station the evening before he was pleased to see the renovated footbridge in use…..and very smart it looks too.