A fortnight on Sunday Jun 3rd heralds the start of the steam specials that travel along the Dawlish and Teignmouth sea walls throughout the summer months until September 16th. The first one is the Torbay Express with Southern Region Merchant Navy class 35028 Clan Line the locomotive in charge. Let’s hope the weather is better than the last occasion when it was Clan Line pictured here on September 3rd last year!

On June 9th there is a Dartmouth Express and on 10th a Cathedrals Express, both trains destinations being Kingswear for Dartmouth. It had been hoped to power the first of these by the Gresley streamlined express “Union of South Africa” but this engine has suffered extensive damage to the firebox and it looks like its days of running on the main lines is over. It will “retire” to it’s owners museum that he is setting up in Scotland, unlikely to ever run again. It’s replacement is Ian Riley’s Black 5 number 45212 which may well haul both days tours.

Last night Nick used the overbridge at Teignmouth station to provide a different view of the Rail Replacement train. There had been an engine change from the previous three nights when Freightliner 66531 replaced 66550 on the rear of the train.