In 2010 I took a trip to Paignton from Dawlish. At that time the morning service from Cardiff to Paignton was rostered for four Mk2 coaches top & Tailed by two Class 67 diesels because of a shortage of available DMU’s.  Only the leading locomotive was in power but this was no problem with such a small load so rapid acceleration was the order of the day.

The video shows my train arriving at Dawlish and then goes on to just after the restart and through the five tunnels and on to the Teignmouth sea wall. Next clip was after arrival at Paignton and shows GWR 7927 Lydham Manor in the process of running round its train on the Paignton & Dartmouth Railway. Next shows the Paignton to Cardiff return working entering Paignton station from the carriage sidings as Lydham Manor departs with the Observation coach on the rear.

Following on shows the train on the outskirts of Torquay and arriving at the station. Next is Arrow leaving Torre station and climbing the incline towards Newton Abbot before we move on to where the line runs along the side of the River Teign to Teignmouth.

The train was passed by a westbound HST in Teignmouth station as Arrow powers away and on to the sea wall passing Sprey point and into the five tunnels before stopping in Dawlish station.Finally we see the train departing the station with a good view of the most unusual design of a signal box which has unfortunately been demolished since then.

For anyone coming to Dawlish on holiday I can recommend taking an off peak return to Paignton taking approx 30 minutes each way for the princely sum of £6.50 for adults or only £4.30 for card holders and enjoying this most scenic stretch of railway. Unfortunately holding a camcorder out of an open window will be a thing of the past once the slam door HST’s are replaced by the new 800 class Hitachi IET’s so this type of video won’t be possible on the National Railway system for much longer.