A welcome return to an unassisted steam express locomotive and today certainly showed the difference between an engine coasting with the diesel providing the power and the excitement of an engine in top class condition thundering along the sea wall with a 12 coach train. In the morning the fireman was obviously at work shovelling in the coal and creating clouds of black smoke that the spectators on the footbridge at Dawlish Warren will never forget! Southern Region Rebuilt Merchant Navy Class 35028 “Clan Line” gave a wonderful display of the power and speed that these locomotives have. In a fortnight Sept 2nd, all being well there will be two steam expresses running along the sea wall on the same day with Streamlined A4 60009 Union of South Africa on the Torbay Express and Rebuilt Southern Region 34046 Braunton (masquerading as 34052 Lord Dowding) on The Royal Duchy. Watch out for any further updates and passing times nearer the date.