There really is so much going on this week so we thought a full list may be of use. This is how i understand all of the movements. I have included the links for journeys that do not pass the cameras, this is to give everyone the chance to plan a safe view in advance.


Thursday 4th October

16.23 – 0Z37 – Light Engine pass – We are expecting a class 37 and a 47/57 West Coast move from Southall to Plymouth. These are booked to do the return legs of the Cathedrals Express.

17.20 – 0Z48 – Light Engine pass – As above with the second of the Diesel locomotives heading from Taunton to Plymouth.

18.17 – 1Z47 – Double headed Flying Scotsman and Black 5 from Taunton to Plymouth.

20.16 – 1Z48 – Diesel Top n Tail from Plymouth to Taunton.

23.59 – 5Z49 – Empty stock move from Taunton to Newton Abbot Hackney Yard.


Saturday 6th October

These do not pass our cameras but we will hopefully be live from Saltash to bring you live coverage of Flying Scotsman’s historic first trip into Cornwall.

Plymouth to Penzance – 1Z72 – Flying Scotsman & Black 5

Penzance to Plymouth – 1Z73 – Diesel Hauled with Steam Locomotives attached to rear

Plymouth to Par – 1Z75 – Flying Scotsman & Black 5

Par to Plymouth – 1Z76 – Diesel hauled with steam at rear


Monday 8th October

Plymouth to Exeter St Davids – 1Z44 – 09.57 – Flying Scotsman & Black 5

Exeter St Davids to Plymouth – 1Z46 – 11.08 – Diesel Hauled

Plymouth to Exeter Riverside – 5Z46 – 13.28 – Diesel hauled empty stock move.

Plymouth to Bristol East Depot – 0Z37 – 14.21 – Light Engine move

Exeter St Davids to Bristol Temple Meads – 1Z72 – Flying Scotsman & Black 5


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