What are you doing on Sunday morning? Four of our team have a very special invitation and we thought it only fair to allow you all to come along with us. Sadly the best we can offer is a live stream, signal permitting, but we believe you will all enjoy this one more than usual.

So just what are we doing? Only going to Laira to get up close and personal with this weeks star attraction Flying Scotsman!

We have received the most generous invitation from The National Railway Museum (Owners), Riley & son (Operators) Steam Dreams (Tour operator) and GWR (Laira depot) to go inside the main gates and get up close with our cameras. We really can not thank the afore mentioned anywhere near enough for granting the access.

As yet we can’t say exactly what will happen. Neil, Simon Colin and Nick are due to arrive around 9am and will have to go through the safety briefing before taking a single step towards Flying Scotsman. Personally i am quite thankful of that. Laira is a busy depot and Sundays are extremely busy for them. We don’t want to be in the way or get ourselves in to danger. Sometime after that, we should hopefully be able to bring you a live broadcast unlike anything we have ever tried before. We will endeavour to answer your questions and requests via facebook but please do ensure they are sensible ones. We don’t know if the crew will be available to talk but we will enquire once there. There is a coal delivery scheduled during our visit which may also add interest.

As always we will do our very best but it does come with the warning, At present we really don’t know what will happen!

Please do come and join us, show your support for the DB cams team and site and show your support and appreciation for the Flying Scotsman, The Crew and those responsible for bringing this beauty to Devon and Cornwall!

Additionally, We still have our meet and greet the team at 3pm on Sunday at the Marine Tavern on Marine Parade Dawlish. It would mean the world to the team to have a few folks come and say hello.

Monday from around 9.45 we will be bringing you the final pass of the seawall for this visit. We hope you can join us live or watch the highlights later in the day.