Special trains passing through Dawlish 2019   First one This Sunday 3rd February!    Please note. These are planned tours but invariably some are cancelled or postponed for various reasons – Loco unavailable, fire risk and occasionally lack of bookings or as it is often put, not enough bums on seats to make it viable! Pictures are below the lists so plan your visit to suit your taste.

In the lists TBA = To be announced nearer the time.     Locomotive Services provide a pool of 3 locos. SR 34046 Braunton,LMS 46100 Royal Scot, BR Standard 70000 Britannia of which only one will be used at a time. Hopefully we will see all three over the summer.The future of 60009 Union of South Africa is uncertain at present. It may have an extension to its certificate to run depending on an examination as the plans for it to retire to the private museum of owner John Cameron are on hold as the plans for the building have been refused for the second time. If it is unavailable 46233 Duchess of Sutherland will take its place. This loco is now running as LMS 6233 in Crimson Lake red livery. The Class 88 on the 13th April is a hybrid version of the Class 68. Although having a relatively small diesel engine it’s main power normally comes from overhead electric wires via a pantograph on the roof. Of course it will not be able to use this in our area but it will be an item of interest as we are unlikely to see one of this type of loco here for some time as electrification of the west country railways south of Bristol is a distant dream. Or nightmare!


Diesel Hauled      Operator/Tour name             Starting point & Destinations                                       Planned motive power

3rd February  Branch Line Society           Bristol-Moorswater,Looe.Buckfastleigh                                               WCR 2 x 47

23rd March     Class 50 Terminator-Phoenixed        Paddington-Penzance                                        50007 Hercules & 50049 Defiance

13th April        Springtime Cornishman          Dorridge(West Midlands)-Penzance                                       Class 68 + Class 88

25th May      Retro Tours Devon Seasider      Huddersfield-Paignton                                                             2 x Class 37’s

31st May+ 1/2 June Belmond British Pullman Paddington for Cornish weekend+ day out to Bath           TBA prob 2x Class 67

29th June      Mazey Day                    Tame Bridge Parkway (Birmingham) -Penzance                             2 x DRS Class 37’s

27th July     English Riviera Statesman                        Crewe- Paignton                                                                  TBA

31st Aug    Statesman Rail Dartmouth Regatta        Nottingham- Kingswear                                                           TBA

31st Aug   Charity Railtours                 Burton on Trent – Plymouth/ Buckfastleigh                                             50050 Fearless

Steam Hauled

6th April    The Devonian                                      CANCELLED                                                                 60163 Tornado

27th  The Great Britain Xll            Paddington-Plymouth (Return Sunday28th to Taunton)             6233 Duchess of Sutherland

4th May   The Cathedrals Express                   Paddington-Kingswear                                                     61306 Mayflower

8th June  The Dartmouth Express                      Woking-Kingswear                                                            6233/60009

16th June  English Riviera Express                   Bristol-Kingswear                                                             34036/46100/70000

23rd June   Summer Cornishman                     Bristol-Par                                                                                60163

30th June  English Riviera Express                    Bristol-Kingswear                                                         34046/46100/70000

6th July     Dart & Torbay Express                      Bristol-Kingswear                                                                          60163

7th July    English Riviera Express                     Bristol-Kingswear                                                            34046/46100/70000

21st July  The Royal Duchy                               Bristol-Par                                                                               45305/60009

28th July  Torbay Express                                 Bristol-Kingswear                                                              6233/6201/60009

4th Aug   The Royal Duchy                              Bristol-Par                                                                                  45305/60009

11th Aug   Torbay Express                              Bristol-Kingswear                                                               6233/6201/60009

18th Aug Torbay Express                                Bristol-Kingswear                                                                 6233/6201/60009

1st Sept The Royal Duchy                             Bristol-Par                                                                              45305/60009

8th Sept  Torbay Express                               Bristol-Kingswear                                                                  6233/6201/60009

15th Sept   The Royal Duchy                        Bristol-Par                                                                                 45305/60009

22nd Sept  Torbay Express                          Bristol-Kingswear                                                                      6233/6201/60009


Locomotives or Class type of those expected to be seen.