For those who wish to attend, there is a Town Council Planning meeting at The Manor House, Old Town Street,
Dawlish, EX7 9AP on THURSDAY 21 FEBRUARY 2019 at 7pm

The meeting is open to the public and questions and concerns may be raised as the chairman permits.

Local Councillor Gary Taylor has told us this –

The increase to the total height of the seawall is 2.5m (8ft). That height is made up of an additional 1.4m (4.5ft) to the height of a new widened walkway (around the same level as the track) plus a further 1.1m (3.5ft) solid parapet wall with wave-return feature. The addition of the parapet wall will mean that anyone walking along the flat part of Marine Parade or living at ground floor level will not be able to see the sea. Those residents living at first floor level will also have a restricted sea view – with all buildings in Marine Parade (and some beyond) having to contend with the amplification of train noise reflecting off the parapet wall. An alternative to that proposed could be for the sea wall to have the wave-return feature incorporated at walkway level or below, with simple 1.1m-high maritime-style railings fitted instead. That could provide the line at Dawlish the storm protection required – and a less obtrusive (and perhaps more robust) structure in place of the current design. BTW, the planning application for the replacement seawall at Marine Parade will be the subject of discussion at the next Dawlish Town Council Planning Committee meeting (21st February, 7pm start). Members of the public are welcome to attend and will be permitted to comment (subject to time limits at the discretion of the Chairman). Planning Application reference: 19/00237/NPA

This may be your only opportunity to express your views.

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