A dull drab day but a splash of colour to brighten up the scene for the hardy souls braving the chilly wind on the Dawlish sea wall today. There has been frequent train movements over the past few weeks of the Industrial sand from Burngullow near St. Austell in Cornwall up to Bow in London. It is in demand because it gives a more pleasing sparkly finish to concrete used in walkways and buildings. It is a by product of the China Clay industry and was previously dumped to form the pyramid like mounds in the St Austell area. Locomotives today were 66035 named “Resourceful” and 66107 both in the latest DB Cargo red livery. After leaving this part load of ten wagons at Exeter Riverside yard they will go back for the remainder of the consist which will pass through around Midnight and link up with the first load at Riverside and head for Bow through the night. I understand the contract is to move a million tons. Some of which goes by boat from Par docks.