Unfortunately on Saturday the weather didn’t improve and the light drizzle didn’t help the photographic efforts but it was nice to hear the engine noise from the two 50’s as they passed along the sea wall at a bit more speed than in the morning where they had been held back by a local stopping service. There was a little confusion over one of the locomotives 50007 Hercules as on the side facing the sea it was showing 50014 Warspite. Preserved locos often assume an identity of a former classmate that has been scrapped but if anyone reading this knows why this one is appearing as Warspite please let us know. The original Terminator in 1994 was powered by 50050 Fearless which is in line to come down here on August 31st and 50007 Hercules which at that time was sporting a GWR green livery and named Sir Edward Elgar celebrating the English composer’s 50th anniversary of his death.

The video below contains a look at Colas 37521 on a test train from Bristol to Paignton and return as it passed through Teignmouth station on the down line earlier in the week. It was slightly unusual as the test trains normally come the other way round, being driven with the DVT leading.on the way down. The video then records the passing of a breakdown train powered by Colas 66847 which had been sent down to Plymouth. A DMU 150221 had derailed after passing a catch point just north of Laira depot and it was reported to have been in danger of sliding down into the river!


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