A look at some of the freight and infrastructure loco hauled trains that have passed over the Dawlish & Teignmouth sea walls recently. Most of the Industrial sand trains have featured two DB Cargo class 66 locomotives hauling the box bogie wagons. There was an unusual occurrence this week when the empty clay wagons returning from the midlands were held in Riverside yard at Exeter instead of running through to St Blazey.This was due to a crewing rota error. The trainload eventually got on its way by utilizing the loco from the first portion of the sand train from Burngullow when it delivered its first half load to the same yard in the early afternoon. This is shown in the title picture and the one below as it passed the Rockstone bridge at Dawlish.

Once again a Colas 66 number 66846 was used rather than a Class 70 on the cement train to Moorswater from Aberthaw, seen below near the Rockstone Bridge with the full 24 tank consist.

Two further Colas 66’s 60850 David Maidment OBE and 66849 Wylam Dilly were used on a top & Tailed Autoballaster train overnight to St. Blazey on the 13th which returned early morning on 14th where I photographed them at the Rockstone Bridge unfortunately in poor wet and windy weather.

Again these are included in Nick’s video where you can appreciate the blustery wet conditions.

Video taken by Nick Campbell at Teignmouth featuring some of the trains pictured above. Apologies for the odd wobble but in the wild and bitterly cold wind at times its not easy!

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