Here are a selection of the late evening Colas Infrastructure trains carrying long continuous welded rail en route to Cornwall. The first two on the video were powered by 70816 and the other was 70811. The driver(s) must look out for Nick to give him a friendly toot on the horn which helps make the video a little more interesting. The clay train with DB Cargo 66078 showing plenty of exhaust fumes passed through Teignmouth at 6pm on 3rd April with the first half load which it would leave at Exeter before returning for the remainder at St Blazey. The last clip is DB Cargo 66164 with the sand train. I noticed someone had been busy putting a bit of graffiti on one of the new box wagons. The other side is worse but these morons do like to put their Tag on to show how clever they are. Thanks to Nick Campbell for braving the cold nights to take these videos.

There is a bit of good news on the steam specials this year. Streamlined LNER Pacific 60009 Union of South Africa should be appearing on some of the specials. It has had its licence to run extended for a further year and could be powering some of the Torbay Express or Royal Duchy Expresses later in the season if not before. Another loco that has just become available is LMS 6201 Princess Elizabeth and is in the group alongside No.9 and 6233 Duchess of Sutherland. Lets hope we aren’t bedeviled by steam train bans due to hot weather this summer.


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