Another set of eight off lease HST Mk3 coaches on their way to storage at Ely in Cambridgeshire. As before the locomotives powering the train were Rail Operation Group’s 47815 leading 47813. Let’s hope that Cross Country use some of these to replace Voyagers for their West Country routes. The video begins showing the unusual sight of a car on the Kings Walk. Unfortunately I hadn’t set up my camcorder when it received a power wash but spot the car in the picture below!

Safely through le deluge as the French would say.

A vast improvement on the longer local train services are the Castle sets of four coach HST’s equipped with automatic doors and comfortable seats.

At the end of the video is a visitor from British Columbia who is over here on holiday and after watching the DB webcams at home chose to spend a few days here at the Blenheim Guest House. I’m sure he won’t be disappointed. Unfortunately I didn’t get the chance to talk a little more but here’s a couple of pictures of you and the Blenheim to remind you of your visit. Thank you for choosing Dawlish.