Just how high IS the new sea wall at Dawlish going to be, in real terms. On Saturday last, a group from the Dawlish Town Council and supporters met on the sea wall. An ingenious graphic display was shown to all those who attended and local resident and holiday makers enjoying an afternoon promenade.

It is amazing to see just how high the planned wall is going to be and how much the view will be affected to all. Especially the children, infirm and disabled. Access to those in wheelchairs and children in prams will effectively be destroyed. Dawlish Tourism depends heavily on the proximity of the beach and railway. This wall will effectively destroy the reason to come to Dawlish

Whilst it is necessary to protect the Town and Railway from the weather, The existing design is woefully overkill. The additional height above the walkway is, I understand, an addition required by Teighbridge Council. Why?  What is to be gained by the additional height by adding the top part of the wall.  More importantly, What is going to be lost?

You can see the ‘Isambard Kingdom Brunel’, depicted by Cllr Gary Taylor, is showing the ‘real’ height of the wall down by Boat Cove.

Here’s IKB on the Cllrs preferred height. This will allow for raising seas over the next 100 years.

This depicts the view from a wheelchair.  The boxes, measured to the exact height of the Parapet wall shows the view above the boxes, each side of the boxes shows the existing view, enjoyed by everyone at this time. As you can see it is completely restrictive.

What will happen is someone, and this wall encourages this, walks along the top of the wall and falls off.  if that someone should fall onto the beach or into the sea, anywhere along the wall, how are rescuers going to reach them?  It will be impossible to see them. Let alone help!

Bob Simpson and Gary Taylor.