I have to admit to being a fan of “All the Stations” which for those who don’t know, is a fabulous YouTube based channel which specializes in railway journeys. Geoff and Vicky are somewhat mad but extremely fun and a few years ago undertook a challenge to visit every station in the UK.

After watching some of their Devon based episodes I wondered why  we shouldn’t take the challenge of doing Devon in a day? and so here we are!

June 15th 2019 and we will be travelling the Devon rails but in a way that promotes what Devon has to offer to both it’s residents and visitors alike.

GWR provide one of the very best value tickets and that is what we will be using. The Devon Day Ranger ticket costs just £12.40 and you can get it even cheaper if you have an appropriate railcard. If you are a resident then you can apply for a Devon resident’s Railcard which will give you 1/3rd off of travel in Devon. The cost is just £11 for the year and is likely to save you considerably more than that if you are using the trains more than once a year. What an investment and I wonder just how many of you even knew it existed?

So the details on the day? we will be travelling from Dawlish to Gunnislake to Paignton to Exmouth to Barnstaple and ending back at Dawlish. A journey of just under 12 1/2 hours and anyone is welcome to come and join us for all or part of the day. We have a few guests coming along to be interviewed about the railway and tourist attractions. We also have a number of our colleagues from Railcam joining us for the day!

This is the schedule for the day which I am thankful to say was put together by Jamie, my opposite number at Railcam.

DEVON IN A DAY – 15th June 2019


1C73 Dawlish to Plymouth

09:32                                       d              Dawlish

09:39                                       d              Teignmouth

09:47                                       d              Newton Abbot

10:00                                       d              Totnes

10:26                                       a              Plymouth


2G74 Plymouth to Gunnislake

10:56                                       d              Plymouth

10:59                                       d              Devonport

11:01                                       d              Dockyard

11:03                                       d              Keyham

11:07                                       d              St Budeaux Victoria Road

11:14                                       d              Bere Ferrers

11:22                                       d              Bere Alston

11:29                                       d              Calstock

11:42                                       a              Gunnislake


2P85 Gunnislake to Plymouth

11:51                                       d              Gunnislake

12:03                                       d              Calstock

12:12                                       d              Bere Alston

12:17                                       d              Bere Ferrers

12:25                                       d              St Budeaux Victoria Road

12:28                                       d              Keyham

12:30                                       d              Dockyard

12:32                                       d              Devonport

12:36                                       a              Plymouth


1A86 Plymouth to Newton Abbot

13:14                                       d              Plymouth

13:42                                       d              Totnes

13:53                                       a              Newton Abbot


2T18 Newton Abbot to Paignton

14:43                                       d              Newton Abbot

14:51                                       d              Torre

14:54                                       d              Torquay

15:01                                       a              Paignton


2F45 Paignton to Exmouth

16:12                                       d              Paignton

16:17                                       d              Torquay

16:20                                       d              Torre

16:30                                       d              Newton Abbot

16:38                                       d              Teignmouth

16:43                                       d              Dawlish

16:54                                       d              Dawlish Warren

16:58                                      d              Starcross

17:08                                       d              Exeter St Thomas

17:16                                       d              Exeter St Davids

17:20                                       d              Exeter Central

17:22                                       d              St James’ Park

17:25                                       d              Polsloe Bridge

17:29                                       d              Digby & Sowton

17:32                                       d              Newcourt

17:36                                       d              Topsham

17:39                                       d              Exton

17:41                                       d              Lympstone Commando

17:44                                       d              Lympstone Village

17:48                                       a              Exmouth


2B84 Exmouth to Barnstaple

18:23                                       d              Exmouth

18:27                                       d              Lympstone Village

18:34                                       d              Topsham

18:37                                       d              Newcourt

18:40                                       d              Digby & Sowton

18:49                                      d              Exeter Central

18:53                                       d              Exeter St Davids

19:01                                       d              Newton St Cyres

19:08                                       d              Crediton

19:15                                       d              Yeoford

19:20                                       d              Copplestone

19:23                                       d              Morchard Road

19:43                                       d              Eggesford

19:58                                       d              Umberleigh

20:07                                       a              Barnstaple


2R98 Barnstaple to Exeter St Davids

20:24                                       d              Barnstaple

20:33                                       d              Umberleigh

20:49                                       d              Eggesford

20:58                                       d              Morchard Road

21:02                                       d              Copplestone

21:06                                       d              Yeoford

21:16                                       d              Crediton

21:20                                       d              Newton St Cyres

21:29                                       a              Exeter St Davids


2T29 Exeter St Davids to Dawlish

21:50                                       d              Exeter St Davids

21:53                                       d              Exeter St Thomas

22:01                                       d              Starcross

22:06                                       d              Dawlish Warren

22:09                                       a              Dawlish


Please do come along and support us if possible. It is always fantastic to meet our supporters and chat about what you would like to see on our site and what projects we could undertake in the future.

We hope it will be a fun and educational day in equal measures and we are grateful of the support from both GWR and Devon’s top tourist attractions in making this more achievable.