This Pathfinder Tours day excursion had begun at Tame Bridge Parkway just north of Birmingham diesel hauled. On reaching Bristol Temple Meads 60163 Tornado took over to take the train to Kingswear for Dartmouth. It was pathed to stop in Dawlish Warren station to allow a Cross Country express to pass it.The video starts as Tornado gets the signal to go. The starts are never rapid as the eleven coaches have to negotiate the points onto the main line, but by the time it passes the San Remo camera on Dawlish sea wall Tornado is getting into its stride. With frequent use of the whistle through the station and town it passes the worksite for the rebuilding of the Kings Walk sea wall, not that much was going on at this time! On its return run we can admire the industry of yet another spider that has taken up home on the Blenheim camera, not for the squeamish! Moving on to San Remo camera again the passing of an Hitachi IET spoilt the view for a few on the sea wall but at least it didn’t happen to me, though it often does, where I was, a little further along the wall just past the Rockstone Bridge. Tornado was accelerating as it had been given the green light and was able to pass the local stopper at Dawlish Warren station which had brought the train almost to a stand when it had exited Parsons Tunnel and it is nice to hear the beat of a three cylinder locomotive when working hard. Hope you enjoy the video.