Saturday was the Mazey Day celebration in Penzance and every year a special excursion comes down from the Birmingham area. This year it was to have been Deltic D9009 Alycidon but unfortunately this loco is under repair after suffering an electrical flashover  earlier in the year which badly damaged the traction motors. A reasonable substitute was provided by two DRS Class 37 locos 37216 and 37059 nicknamed “Tractors” due to their exhaust tones when under full power. A bonus was DRS 68004 “Rapid” bringing up the rear of the 12 coach train. It was expected that it would lead the train on the return but it swapped round at Penzance so the two 37’s were the lead engines in both directions. A near miss for me on Dawlish sea wall was when I was almost photo bombed by a local stopper coming along at an inopportune time!

Sunday saw the return of  Sapho Trains with the immaculate set of 11 “blood & custard” livery coaches and SR Rebuilt West Country Class 34046 Braunton on the English Riviera Express which runs from Bristol to Kingswear. I was on Dawlish Warren station and lucky enough to see the express fly by at speed. Nick on Teignmouth sea wall was not so lucky as it crawled by as it had caught up with the Paddington -Penzance IET  which on a Sunday makes station stops at Dawlish and Teignmouth. No such problems on the return as it raced though Teignmouth and Dawlish at around the line speed with plenty of blasts on the whistle, a sight to see.


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