Monday night 19th August saw the first of four nights this week that the HOTR train will be passing through Dawlish en route to Dainton Tunnel from its base at Fairwater Yard at Taunton. The train was top and tailed by two Freightliner locomotives. Leading loco on the train was 66522 which used to be known as Shanks with its split two tone green livery, which has now reverted to the standard green livery of Freightliner. On the rear was 66533 named Senator Express and Hanjin Express. I presume the nameplates are on the opposite sides of the loco. The train returned from Totnes early today 20th August. The video starts as it passed through Teignmouth station where its bulk creates quite a wind and then follows to show the return as it passed the Blenheim and San Remo Dawlish Beach cameras.