On Saturday 24th August Cross Country Trains hired in two LNER HST trains to provide long distance services to Plymouth from York and Edinburgh. First along was from York with 43251 & 43257 which was spot on time passing through Dawlish. The Edinburgh train ran in to trouble with its brakes in the Darlington area and was over two hours late getting to Birmingham and had been replaced nearer the time it should have left Birmingham by 43267 & 43290 with another set of LNER stock. It was 23 min late passing Dawlish. It’s return run to York was 35 mins late through Dawlish. 43257 is named Bounds GreenĀ  43290 named MTU Fascination of Power and 43367 is namedĀ  Deltic 50 1955-2005

Additional extra footage includes scenes from Teignmouth