Network Rail are actively engaged in track replacement in the west country resulting in line closures west of Exeter at weekends with trains replaced by buses.

Since Christmas work has been taking place near Lostwithiel in Cornwall and around the Ivybridge area in Devon. Unfortunately for rail fans the Infrastructure trains almost invariably pass through in the dark. Nick Campbell has captured videos of some as they passed through Teignmouth station.

The following video records Colas 70812 and 70814. DB Cargo 66041 and 66090″ Maritime 6″ with the China Clay train and Freightliner 66597 “Stephenson Locomotive Society 1909-2009”  and 66552 “Maltby Raider”.

Last weekend saw track being replaced at Dawlish Warren station and around Exeter St Thomas station. It is expected that there will be track replaced around Teignmouth station in the near future.

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