Happy New Year and I hope you’ve had a nice break over Christmas.

We have some exciting news for 2020 as we are preparing to install our sixth camera, the new ‘Black Swan Cam’. This will be our first-ever point tilt and zoom camera that will cover Kennaway Tunnel, the viaduct, Tucks Plot, the brook and the lawn. This will allow the viewer to observe the black swans nesting and hopefully to finally witness their eggs hatching LIVE. We are very excited about this as it is an extremely rare event.

You can watch an example of the proposed camera view below. This project is a joint partnership between Dawlish Beach Cams and Dawlish Waterfowl Centre (Dawlish Town Council).

To keep up to date with this exciting new project, please make sure you have signed up to our newsletter. We will show you how to do this at the bottom of the page. smile

The new Black Swan Cam will be a free to view camera as it will be supported by relevant adverts of local businesses. We also have our website subscriptions where you will be able to view the new camera completely advert free! With our VIP Subscription, you will be able to watch all 6 cameras at once!

If you are already a subscriber, you can upgrade to one of our premium packages. Just click below and we’ll arrange everything for you including your upgrade discount voucher. This will allow us to discount the remainder of your current subscription against your new one. For example, if your current silver subscription has just renewed, we will discount the full amount against your upgrade. If you are half way through your current subscription you will receive a 50% discount for the remainder of current subscription.

When we launched ‘Quad Cam’, our 4 camera viewing experience on our Platinum and VIP packages, we were aware that this made the train tracker disappear off the bottom of the screen. The Train Tracker is a live diagram provided by Railcam that shows the movement of the trains. It is only available as part of any subscriptions.

We have solved this now with our brand new Quintet Cam available on Platinum and VIP subscriptions with immediate effect.

If you are not a subscriber you can try it free until 13th January 2020 by clicking here.

We have some big plans for spring 2020 and will keep you up to date in the newsletter so please make sure you have signed up below.

Kind regards,

Neil, Founder of Dawlish Beach Cams.

P.S. I’ve collected a few calendars back from the shops so there are still some available with free postage to the UK. Click below.

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