It’s not everyday we get to see both sleeper trains running along the sea wall. Great Western Railway normally run a 6 night a week sleeper service between London Paddington and Penzance, therefore in normal use they pass Dawlish in the hours of darkness. Currently the service has not been activated due to the pandemic restrictions but today as part of a maintenance plan, both train sets of the service were given a run to “keep the wheels turning” to counteract non-use problems of the stock. Hopefully it won’t be too long before the night-time service can be resumed. The Up service passed through Dawlish first at 10.19am with loco 57603 “Tintagel Castle” powering eight coaches from Penzance to Reading Traincare Depot and this was followed at 12.02pm by the Down service with loco 57604 “Pendennis Castle” and six coaches from there to Penzance.

The video starts with a view of the cutting on the seaward side of Teignmouth station with, in the foreground, the redundant end of the down platform   It then moves on to views from the Blenheim and San Remo cameras of Dawlish Beach Cams. The Down run follows with a video taken from the Rockstone Bridge and then on to the Dawlish Beach cams and finally to Teignmouth taken close to the station. The waves today were once again crashing over the lineside walkway which regularly occurs when there is a strong wind from the East.

The pictures below show a Cross Country Voyager getting a bit of a bath and a GWR 5 car 802 on its service up to Paddington.

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