Track was being renewed near Lostwithiel in Cornwall by using two Infrastructure trains. The first through was on Friday evening when 66024 headed the Balfour Beatty rail laying train which had been  seen replacing track at Teignmouth Station back in February. The weather was poor with rain and high wind but these jobs don’t wait for good weather. The second train was a consist of ten autoballaster wagons which were top and tailed by 66165 and 66080. The return runs back to Westbury depot saw an engine  switch round as 66080 brought the autoballasters back on its own and 66024 was on the rear of the rail laying train with DB Cargo red livery 66165 heading the train.     Another item of interest  on Saturday night and through to 6am on Sunday morning was the appearance on the Dawlish Kings Walk work site when two Road/Rail cranes were employed moving large concrete castings and large bulk bags of ballast down to the tunnel end of the works. The picture shows them as they were leaving loaded with some metal fences along broken up granite from its foundations.




Below are pictures of the trains coming off the seawall at Teignmouth, and of the station and cutting between the two which has been cleared of the overhanging trees when the up line was replaced in February.

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