A round up of some of this weeks freight trains seen on the sea walls of Dawlish and Teignmouth. For those of tender years the title comes from a song sung by Nancy Whiskey with the Chas McDevitt Skittle group which was a hit when I was a youth in 1962. You can hear it on YouTube if you are old enough to enjoy a bit of nostalgia! Our video starts with a continuous welded rail drop to St.Germans in Cornwall with Colas 66846 leading and 70810 on the rear passing through Teignmouth station. Next, taken over three evenings features the HOBC High Output Ballast Cleaner train headed by Freightliner 66588 with 66593 on the rear heading for Totnes before returning to the work site at Dainton Tunnel. After this there is Colas 70809 passing Teignmouth sea wall en route to Hackney Yard sidings at Newton Abbot where a rake of Log transporter wagons have been stored whilst not needed. It is then seen at Dawlish with its load of only six wagons bound for Carlisle as unfortunately several failed the fitness to run examination.This is followed by the weekly Cement train returning the empty wagons to Aberthaw in South Wales powered by Colas 70812. Finally we have the weekly China Clay slurry tanker train on its way to the West Midlands. Thanks to Nick for turning out for all the Teignmouth footage.The sharp eyed may catch a glimpse of Colin Marsden on his step ladder building up his collection of Kings Walk sea wall pictures of the railway scene. Excellent as usual,was the result of this one.

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