Plenty to see on a lovely sunny morning on the Dawlish and Teignmouth sea walls.The video starts with a Castle set racing along the Teignmouth sea wall passing Sprey Point and will be seen again as it reaches Dawlish. On its first time of running over the wall in its new guise sporting the look of a facemask was 800321 on the 9.02 Paddington-Penzance service. As it reached the Kings Walk sea wall construction site it passed Castle Class coach set GW10 with 43154 Compton Castle and 43094 St Mawes Castle powering it. A little later back at Sprey Point we see a Penzance -Paddington service with 802022 leading 802020 which is carrying the thank you to Key workers vinyls on its first and last coach. To end the video we are showing  the empty coaching stock working from the previous night’s Night Riviera with 57603 Tintagel Castle & 57604 Pendennis Castle top and tailing the Paddington to Penzance Long Rock Depot. It will stay there until next Wednesday when it will make its way to Reading Traincare Depot to be made ready for the Thursday night’s Night Riviera.


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