On the 17th of October 2019, I was out doing my Dawlish rounds, taking photos for social media when I bumped into Don, the waterfowl warden. He was ushering the black swans and their one-week-old cygnets into the brook as the seagulls on the lawn behind us were very hungry and far too close for comfort.

I put my phone into the gimbal and started to film them on their way to the brook. I didn’t realise that I was capturing anything special, but over time it has proved to be our most popular video ever, now it’s reached 10 million views on YouTube and 7 million on Facebook.

The last cygnet into the brook would eventually become known as ‘The lone Ranger’, possibly the worlds most famous cygnet, especially after this video. Sadly, the Lone Ranger passed away in May 2020 after going missing for a few days.

The video was uploaded to YouTube on the 6th December 2019 and watched by about 100 people a day and then on 11th June 2020, 200,000 people were watching it every day! At the time of publishing this blog post, 250,000 people per week are still watching the video.