It is the time of year that the weedkiller trains operate. The Windhoff MPV (multi purpose vehicle) normally would operate on its own but because of the lingering Covid Regulations it is being top and tailed by two DB Cargo locomotives to keep the staff apart and able to work in a safe environment. The locomotives left Didcot yesterday lunchtime and arrived at Exeter Riverside sidings in time to start the night’s operations. The video shows 66135 leading the Windhoff with 66140 on the rear as it travelled along the Dawlish sea wall just after 7.30pm with the spray not in operation at that time. The route for the night was to go as far as Plymouth, return as far as Dawlish Warren and then reverse direction to go to Paignton and finally back to Exeter Riverside where it arrived a little before 2am. The spraying is seen as it passes back through Teignmouth station at 11.17pm heading for Dawlish Warren.




We have new broadband being installed at Sea Breeze and Black Swan Cam on Tuesday morning of the 28th. Expect outages on these cameras during this time.

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