Hi All,

I spent most of last night moving the live streams to the new server and it is settling in well.

Today there has been a lot of buffering at Sea Breeze, Black Swan Cam and San Remo.

I’ve spent most of the morning at San Remo talking to the ISP as we only have 2Mbps upload at the moment. It’s usually 6Mbps. They have made some changes to the network and we should see some improvement over the weekend, if not, an engineer will be coming out. I’ve reduced the bandwidth on the camera and removed the transcoding (the bit rate cog in the player) from the stream while the broadband runs slower. This will help stop buffering.

New broadband will be installed at Sea Breeze and Black Swan Cam on the 28th of September. This will stop the occasional buffering and jumping on these two cameras. I’ve removed transcoding on Black Swan Cam too to help reduce buffering.

Brunel holiday park cam is a lot better now most of the holidaymakers have returned home. I’ll still be contacting the ISP but will need to be onsite for half a day at the ISP is woeful there. I’ll probably tackle this one once the others are fixed. Apparently, Openreach is installing a faster network throughout Dawlish Warren (it’s not just us suffering), but we’ve been told it won’t be ready until the end of the year. I have been told this for five years though so I’m not too optimistic.

Thanks again for your patience while I get this sorted. Please feel free to comment below on any updates as I do check them.

It’s been very frustrating having all of these issues but I know the server is fine now. I just need to get the camera connections up to speed and we should have a perfect DBC again.:-)