Over the past six months, we started receiving a few reports of the live streams misbehaving. Over time the issue has gradually got worse to the point where the cameras have been unwatchable for some.

We discovered an issue with our main streaming server and it’s been corrupting files since we installed it in March of 2021. It’s taken months to diagnose and find the issue as all the hardware tests that we have run, pass. This has made it difficult to prove to our hosts that the server is faulty if their tests come back as okay. This has also been immensely frustrating for me as I know our service hasn’t been as good as it should.

Finally, after weeks of negotiations with the hosts, we’ve moved the live streams to a temporary server while we remove the faulty server and install a new and improved one. Sadly our temporary server isn’t quite as powerful as I’d like it to be but it’s keeping the streams going until the new server is up and running. We hope this to be at some point next week, the week commencing 13th September 2021.

We have also ordered a new broadband connection for Black Swan Cam. At the minute, Sea Breeze cam, Black Swan cam and the cafe below, all use the same broadband connection. At busy times in the cafe, this causes buffering and jumping on Black Swan Cam and occasionally Sea Breeze. When the new broadband is live, Black Swan Cam will share the connection with the cafe and Sea Breeze cam will have its own to run the 4k stream at 20Mbps. The estimated date of broadband installation is the end of September 2021.

We are currently investigating broadband issues at San Remo Cam, just to add to our problems. I’ll be visiting next week to diagnose with the ISP.

Finally, once all of these issues have been fixed, we plan to replace the Blenheim Cam with the same cam as Sea Breeze allowing us to run this at 4k, 20Mbps.

Thank you to everyone that has been reporting their issues to me during this time. It’s been a great help and good ammo for me to finally get the hosts to do something about it. I’m so sorry that the cameras have not been running their best recently but at least we are now on the path to recovery with a bigger and better setup for the future.

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Thanks again for your continued support. Feel free to leave any comments below.

Beach Cams Man.