We start our day out in Brixham from Broadsands beach and walk along the South West Coast Path to Brixham.

We capture the sun as it rises over Brixham Harbour and then head along the footpath to Elberry Cove, a beautiful pebbled beach with an old bathhouse.

Celestey and I discuss whether we can hear a tractor or wasps as we head to the incredible Churston Cove where a seal graces us with its presence and poses for the drone camera.

We briefly pass through Fishcombe Cove as we walk along the harbourside into Brixham town centre.

The first stop is the Golden Hind ship which is a full-size replica of Sir Frances Drakes ship that he used to circumnavigate the globe 400 years ago, and we then catch up with the legendary pirate Captain Blackheart of Brixham.

You can’t go to Brixham without trying fish and chips, so we have lunch and then head to the arcades to spend some money.

We headed on the one-hour wildlife tour from Brixham Habour and got to see more seals but sadly, the dolphins were not around.

The views from Berry Head are incredible, and we spent some time exploring the area before heading to Shoalstone tidal pool to jump into the cold seawater as requested by our VIP supporters.

Finally, back up to Berry Head to watch the sun go down.

Special Thanks to:

The Golden Hind
Captain Blackheart
Brixham Fish and Chips
Fun Fishing Trips
Stuart Copeland from Dart & Partners for Brixham advice