When Dawlish Beach Cams was launched in 2014, the price was £20 per year to view our only camera at that time, San Remo Cam. This then became our Silver Subscription and we added more cameras to the package. There are currently seven cameras for that same price.

Since 2014, our streaming costs have risen six-fold as we have introduced more cameras, faster servers and the ability to stream in 4K.

Please understand that a price increase isn’t ever ideal and we have worked to avoid this for years.

Please know as a result of this price increase:

  1. We have introduced a slicker layout helping you find your favourite cameras faster.
  2. Our website is now faster than it’s ever been.
  3. Our multiple camera pages work better than ever before.
  4. Upgrade to better quality cameras.
  5. Have a better, more reliable infrastructure for the future.

If you are already a subscriber with a recurring subscription, your price will also remain the same as it always has until you cancel it. You can check your subscription status here. The price increase will happen on the 31st January 2022 for any new subscription, but any recurring subscription signups prior to that date will remain at that original price for life or until you cancel your subscription!

The Price Increase on 31st January 2022

  • Our Silver Subscription will become the Basic Subscription and increase from £20 per year to £36.
  • The Platinum Subscription will become the Standard Subscription and increase from £40 per year to £60.
  • Our VIP Subscription will Become the VIP Plus Subscription and increase from £60 per year to £96.
  • We have a new VIP Patron Subscription tier for 2022 which includes 4k streaming, relaxation videos and many other extras for £144 per year.

Special Deal for signing up today!

If you sign up for a recurring subscription today, you will stay on the current price plan for life, even after our price increase on the 31st of January 2022.

To get this fabulous deal, please click on one of the subscription buttons below. 


New Price Structure from 31st January 2022

Below is the pricing table that goes into effect from 31st January 2022.


* Sea Breeze is currently our only 4k camera. We plan on upgrading the Blenheim in 2022.