In this Dawlish sea wall update, @BeachCamsMan and Jack Brookes from @BAMNuttallTV take a trip to @ShaymurtaghUk in Raharney, Ireland, to see how they make the precast concrete sections of the sea wall for @networkrail. Filmed 13th & 14th of April 2023. Production Manager Fergal O’Neill shows us the process of making the precast sections of the sea wall and lift shaft and how they ship them to site in Dawlish.

We are also shown how the steel reinforcement is made on site and shaped for the concrete sections.

Jack also talks to Ciaran Murtagh, the managing director of Shay Murtagh and he explains some of the history of Shay Murtagh and why the precast is shipped from Ireland to Dawlish in Devon. Thanks to Jack Brookes for the additional drone footage.