Boot Opticians Exeter

Dear Jonathan,

Apologies for contacting you directly but I am getting nowhere with Boots Customer Service. They don’t seem to reply to my emails.

I purchased some glasses from your Exeter High Street store last year and my experience with this store in the past 12 months has been extremely unprofessional and disappointing.

I paid for an eye test and purchased some glasses at the cost of around £300. I waited 2 weeks for the glasses to arrive and then went to collect them.

During this 2 week wait, I had moved house now making a visit to this store a 3 hour round trip.

When I picked my glasses up the right eye lens was so blurry I couldn’t see a thing so they had to send them away for another fortnight.

I then made another 3 hour trip to collect the glasses and they were better. I’m not sure they are 100% accurate but I simply couldn’t wait any longer as I needed them for my work.

I was promised a refund on the initial incorrect eye test if I purchased more glasses. Surely I should get a refund for the eye test anyway as it was due to incompetence that the mistake was made?

After the summer, the arms of the glasses were so loose I took them in to be looked at. They tightened them for me and they felt better but after a couple of hours wear the left arm started to dig in to my head and I had to wear them with tissue between the left arm and ear. Not a good look when working with clients!

In December the arms had loosened again, so I took another 3 hour trip to have them looked at an explained to the young lady what had happened. Her response was, ‘do you wear them on your head?’. Well that’s something I was never expected to be asked. She the went on to say I had stretched them by wearing them on my head!

At no point during my many visits and consultations have I ever been told to not wear them on my head.

She then offered to tighten the arms again and took them away. After 5 minutes she returned and pointed out she had put a large scratch down the middle of the lens with the screwdriver whilst tightening up the arms.

She offered to send them away again for a fortnight to get the lenses replaced. I said this is only acceptable if you give me some glasses to use during this period. She said that she couldn’t do this and I refused to leave them as I can not afford to be without them.

I asked if I could still have the second pair at half price that I was promised when I purchased the glasses, but the young assistant and management point blank refused.

Over the past 12 months these glasses have cost me over £1000 in lost time and travel and I simply can’t afford to be without glasses if they are sent away due to no fault of my own.