FridaySep-03Northern Belle PullmanSwanseaPaigntonDieselWCRC 47/57
SundaySep-05Northern Belle PullmanBirmingham IntPaigntonDieselWCRC 47/57
SundaySep-12The Royal DuchySloughParSteamTBA
CANCELLEDSep-13Devon BellePaddingtonKingswearSteamLSL Pool*
TuesdaySep-14The WelshmanKingswearCardiffSteamLSL Pool*  / Name changed
CANCELLEDSep-15Devon BelleKingswearPaddingtonSteamLSL Pool*
SaturdaySep-18Non-Mazey Day CornishmanGloucesterPenzanceDiesel50007/49
SaturdaySep-25Cornish Coastal PullmanSwanseaPenzanceDieselHST Midland Pullman
SaturdaySep-25The Champion Cornish ExpressGloucesterKingswearDieselD1015 Western Champion
TuesdaySep-28Mayflower to Devon & CornwallPaddingtonPenzanceSteam  x 261306/45596 Bahamas
FridayOct-01Mayflower to Devon & CornwallPenzancePaddingtonSteam  x 261306/45596 Bahamas
SaturdayOct-30Devonian Double (Inter city)PrestonPlymouthDiesel x 2D213 & D345
All subject to potential Covid-19 restrictions  * LSL Pool could be any of these 3
     46100 – Royal Scot
     34046 – Braunton
Latest updates 05/09/21  70000 – Britannia
We have new broadband being installed at Sea Breeze and Black Swan Cam on Tuesday morning of the 28th. Expect outages on these cameras during this time.