We are delighted to be able to offer you our 2022 Dawlish Beach Cam calendar.

Featuring 12 of my favourite photos over the past year, the calendar is an A4 wall hanging with one photo per month.

The images feature trains, sunrises, rough seas and beautiful skies.


Boat Cove

Boat Cove at sunrise can be the most beautiful view. Taken from the new sea wall.


Horse Cove

Horse Cove is one of our secret coves. Usually only accessible by foot at a very low spring tide, you can see the old smugglers tunnels when you get. It’s next to Coryton Cove beach. 


Dawlish Beach

This photo was taken at low tide next to the new sea wall where Kings Walk was.


Coryton Steps

Coryton steps takes you from Lea Mount down to the beach huts and Coryton Cove.


Steam through Dawlish.

Saphos Tours “Devonian Express from Cardiff to Plymouth’s return journey approaching Langstone Rock! The loco’s are LMS 46100 Royal Scot leading BR Standard 70000 Britannia.


Dawlish Sea Wall

Early sunrise on the 14th April 2021 on the new sea wall.


Coryton Cove

Coryton Cove is one of the gems of Dawlish. Previously know as Gentlemens Cove, for many years it was a gentleman’s only beach. 


Dawlish Sea Wall

Taken close to Langston Rock, you can get a great view of Dawlish when the seas are rough. These are small waves compared to some storms. 


WaveWalker at Night

When the WaveWalker was here to install the piling for the new sea wall, I saw a great opportunity to sit on Langstone Rock and shoot this beast of a machine from a distance. It looks so other worldly.


Coryton Cove Beach Huts

At low tide, this photo would show rocks and rock pools. At high tide, it only shows what we locals call Mermaid Rock.


Dawlish Railway Station

Dawlish railway station before the work commenced upgrading the sea wall. 


Dawlish Sea Wall

Dawlish sea wall as some small waves splash against it. 

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