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Another Camera is Coming to Dawlish

Another Camera is Coming to Dawlish

We will be installing a new camera at the Blenheim. Now Sea Breeze has been moved, the new Blenheim camera will help cover more of the seafront and railway line, as well as a view of the station. Let me know what you think. The current Blenheim camera will remain in...

Sea Breeze Cam Update

Sea Breeze Cam Update

From Saturday, the 15th of April, we will be repositioning the Sea Breeze cam to point towards the station. Now that the precast concrete sections for the lift shaft and bridge are starting to arrive, the installation of these can be watched live. For the coming...

Black Swan Cam Update

Black Swan Cam Update

We have some good news. We have located a replacement camera for Black Swan Cam. It is an identical make and model, so should need to be installed and reprogrammed. We are expecting delivery of it in the first week of November, and as soon as it arrives, I will head...

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