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Black Swan Cam Update

Black Swan Cam Update

We have some good news. We have located a replacement camera for Black Swan Cam. It is an identical make and model, so should need to be installed and reprogrammed. We are expecting delivery of it in the first week of November, and as soon as it arrives, I will head...

Black Swan Cam Issues

Black Swan Cam Issues

Black swan cam went offline on Thursday, the 13th of October and after some investigation, it's not looking good. I have ordered some parts and will take it off the roof on Monday to fully test and diagnose. As you can see by the photo, it's not an easily accessible...

50050 Fearless passing through Dawlish

50050 Fearless passing through Dawlish

Rail News. On Wednesday 24th August, there is a special charter by Vintage Trains running from Knowle & Dorridge to Plymouth, and it will be powered by diesel Class 50050 Fearless. This locomotive is owned by Boden Rail and has recently been through a long...

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